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#MAKEUP TREND: Purple Lips?

Posted on 07 January 2015

A new trend is making its way on lips and you would never believe what it is. Purple lipstick—you’ve heard right—purple!

This trend has been taking over in the world of beauty during the Fall season and forecasts show that they will be picking up more popularity during these winter months. We are positive this trend will also make its way into the Spring of 2015 in lighter shades of purple. 

Here are 3 ways to know if this bold lipstick choice is for you: 

- You appreciate people being drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy
- You're a creative woman who thinks outside the box and love to make a bold statement without saying a word
- Are looking to keep people on their feet because of you mysterious and daring style

    While this shade of lipstick may not be for every woman, you can participate in wearing the shade of purple with your nail polish. The purple color looks great on nails and is quite the fashion accessory.

    Would you wear it?

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