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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers on the Rise [USA Edition]

Posted on 30 March 2015

Fashion is constantly changing and making room for new ideas. Fashion is always on the tip of tongues and there are certain fashion influencers that keep our ears buzzing… the bloggers. Whether they are street style bloggers, personal style bloggers, or writers that appreciate the art of fashion, new bloggers are exciting to watch as they grow in social media numbers and style education. Not to mention their awesome jewelry paired with their looks!

At the beginning of Spring each year, we keep an eye out for the top 10 fashion bloggers on the rise. In light of our opinion, we select our bloggers based on their fresh ideas of fashion and their keen sense of style.

Here are our top 10 fashion bloggers on the rise for 2015:

1. Francis Lola- www.francislola.com. Instagram: @flamcis. Talk about confidence! She is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to defying fashion odds! With such a loyal following and her hot hair, her looks will make you stop and stare. 

2. Halley Elefante - Instagram: @the_salty_blonde. This beautiful blonde has a passion for the beach, sun, and good vibes. Her looks definitely appeal to summer time or where ever you can look at a beautiful ocean.

3. KayKay Blaisdell and Madeline Becker - www.sugarandspiceofficial.com. Instagram @sugarandspiceoffical. LA chic with a bad girl’s twist. These are a few girls to watch! We can really appreciate their free spirit style.

4. Maliyah Rae- www.aclotheslook.blogspot.com. Instagram: @maliyahrae. This Atlanta beauty can pull off any type of look with her charm and swag.

5. Jyotsna www.cuppajyo.com. Instagram: @cuppajyo. Jyotsna (Jyo) has a delicate style that consists of beautiful preppy and classy looks for the modern women. She is based out of San Francisco.

6. Ashley Laderer- www.fashionunicorn.net. Instagram: @ashley_unicorn. Her rockish Red hair and edgy looks make her unique to influence others and create their own fashion style. 

7. Sera Brand - www.stardustbohemian.com. Instagram: @TheStardustBohemian. Filled with great sense of BoHo chic, this Hawaiin born blogger is one to add to your subscription list.

8. Ruby June- www.rubyjune.us. Instagram: @rubyjune. Bold and completely artistic, this blogger from NYC makes her fashion sense known. Just take a look at her photos and you can see her passion.

9. Thida (aka Gick) - www.ThatGirlGick.com. Instagram: @thatgirlgick. This chi-town girl is nothing of the sort, which her trendy style can prove. Almost any girl will love her style.

10. Toshiko Shek - www.itsnotheritsme.com. Instagram: @itsnotheritsme. We love this San Francisco girl’s style because it is classy, high end, and simply so cute!

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